Conferences and business meets have a distinct, more formal character of their own which demands a mood with a unique calm and somberness to it, controlled and by the art of immaculate monitoring and coordination.

Olivia Resorts presents to you the most versatile and spacious venue in the region, fully equipped with top-end, most modern business aids – Daffodils.

Daffodils' fully appointed boardroom showcases the best of modern audio-video equipment, communication systems and classy, premium furniture that is perfectly amalgamated with the expertise of seasoned event planners. Daffodils offers you the perfect space to meet and hold business conferences and events.

With its vast experience in event organization, the team at Daffodils will assist you in planning and successfully executing conferences, product launches, corporate events, dealers' meet, or staff parties. All you have to do is choose the amenities you require from a whole range of options and leave the rest to us.

Daffodils' team with its exceptional skills, touched up with a bit of imagination here and there, with a lot of dedication, will ensure that the most important professional segment of your life or business will be conducted flawlessly and effortlessly.

Orchid Party Hall

Olivia Resorts proudly presents – Orchid Party Hall - the epitome of luxurious grandeur, magnificence, and splendor.

A glorious and glamorous event, blended sophisticatedly with modern amenities and conveniences can only be justified if hosted in the Orchid Party Hall at Olivia Resorts. Its striking interiors and grand size, the venue creates a magical and spell binding ambience, turning your event, whether personal or professional, into a landmark in its own respect. Make your occasions more than just special at the Orchid Party Hall of Olivia Resorts.

Orchid Party Hall's personalized service, attention to minute details, delectable selection from an array of cuisines to allow you to customize the menu per your taste and liking, as well as throughout complete on-site assistance would make everything so very convenient for you and your special occasion. We offer you a range of décor and furnishing arrangements and let you add a dash of your own style and choice.

The ever so helpful and friendly staff at Orchid Party Hall would ensure that you are completely satisfied with every layer, attribute, and feature of your event, and then would leave no stone unturned to render a perfect execution of a well thought out plan, allowing you to enjoy and relax and cherish every moment of your occasion.

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