About Olivia


    We work with forward thinking clients to create beautiful honest and amazing things that bring positive results.

    About Olivia

    Olivia welcomes you to take a peek into the fresh new world of resort experience! We invite you to indulge and experience everything you would expect from a luxury resort and more. Olivia is the place where you and your family can make the best out of the precious quality time for your vacations or leisure.

    Lazy and quiet weekends, hot and happening parties, luxurious and personalized services; what more does one need? With an amazing range of offerings and countless beautiful memories, Olivia Resorts is custom-tailored for the real connoisseur in you whose appetite gets satiated by nothing but regal exclusivity.

    Whether you want to watch a movie in your own personal theatre or just crave for a sumptuous seven-course meal while lounging in one of our fine restaurants, Olivia has it all! So, the next time when you want get lost into the lap of luxury and comfort in order to escape from your daily routine, take a break with Olivia and rest assured you'd go back with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

    Come, let your hair down and dance away your blues, rejuvenate yourself. It is the place where you would love to lose yourself in the picturesque landscape and abundant luxury and wish that time stands still.

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